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Tai Forest National Park - Cote D'ivoire

Map showing the location of Tai National Park world heritage site in Ivory CoastArea: 3,300 km2

Inscribed: 1982

Criteria: (vii) aesthetic; (x) biodiversity

Values: Tai National Park is the largest and best preserved remnant of the ‘Upper Guinea' rainforest of West Africa.  These forests are separated from the rainforests of central Africa by the dry ‘Dahomey Gap', and support a quite distinct fauna and flora for which they are recognised as a ‘Biodiversity Hotspot'.  Tai supports many ‘Upper Guinea Forest' endemic species, including pygmy hippopotamus, and several forest duikers such as Jentinck's and zebra duikers; and it has 12 species of bird that are found only in this limited area of West Africa.  The chimpanzees of Tai are known internationally from remarkable television footage of them hunting colobus monkeys and using stone tools to crack open wild nuts.



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Dugout canoes provide relatively easy access to the forest interior for a few intrepid tourists who visit the Tai Forest National Park world heritage site, Ivory CoastMount Nienokoue is a massive granite inselberg which towers over the forest canopy in the Tai Forest National Park world heritage site, Ivory CoastThe sooty mangabey is one of the Upper Guinea forest endemic primates which is the subject of research at the Tai Forest National Park world heritage site, Ivory CoastTree buttresses such as these are often used by chimpanzees as drumming posts in the Tai Forest National Park world heritage site, Ivory Coast

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