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Medina of Sousse - Tunisia

Map showing the location of Sousse UNESCO world heritage site, Tunisia

Website Category: Fortified Cities of the Maghreb  

Area: 0.3 km2 

Inscribed: 1988

Criteria: (iii)  cultural tradition (iv)  icon of an era (v)  interaction with the environment

Location and Values:  The Medina of Sousse is located in the Mediterranean port city of Sousse about 150 km south of Tunis.  It is a fortified city established as a commercial and military port by the 9th century Aghlabid dynasty, based in Kairouan.  It is a superb early example of a fortified Islamic city dating from the first centuries of Islam.  Its walls are especially impressive, stretching for 2.2 km at a height of 8 metres, with a series of solid square turrets, and an imposing square watchtower, the Khalef Tower, built in 859 AD. 

The oldest building within the medina is the impressive Ribat, an 8th century fort that was garrisoned by devout Islamic warriors who would have spent much of their time studying the Quran in the tiny cell-like rooms built into its walls.  Other prominent landmarks in the medina include the Great Mosque of 851 AD and the imposing 11th century Kasbah built into the city walls at its highest point.

Slideshow of the Medina Of Sousse:  The slideshow starts at the Ribat (fort), with its cylindrical, domed corner turrets and extensive views across the medina.  Across the square the Grand Mosque is seen, and on the hill in the far distance the massive Kasbah with the Khalef Tower overlooking the medina rooftops.  The slideshow finishes with a tour of the medina’s narrow streets, with their white-washed walls, and highlighting some of the decorative Arabic doors, a covered souk (market) and the octagonal minaret of the Zaouia Zakkak.

Slideshow of the Medina Of Sousse:

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Interior courtyard of the Ribat, a fortified monastery in the Medina of Sousse UNESCO world heritage site, Tunisia Street scene in the Medina of Sousse UNESCO world heritage site, Tunisia Walls and turret of the Aghlabid-era Great Mosque in the Medina of Sousse UNESCO world heritage site, Tunisia Crenulated walls and watchtower in the Medina of Sousse UNESCO world heritage site, Tunisia



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