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Tipaza - Algeria

Map showing the location of the Roman ruins of Tipaza UNESCO world heritage site, Algeria

Website Category: Frontiers of the Roman Empire

 Area: 0.5km2 

Inscribed: 1982  

Criteria: (iii)  cultural tradition (iv)  icon of an era

Location and Values:  Tipaza is located on the Mediterranean shore about 80 km west of Algiers. It was a typical Roman port town which reached its peak of wealth and influence under emperor Septimus Severus (AD 193-211).  It was surrounded by a 2.2km defensive wall, which helped maintain its integrity against invading forces until it was finally breached by Vandals in AD 372.  Thereafter, the town went into decline, and many of its building materials were taken for use in the construction of Algiers. 




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The Tomb of the Christian is a huge pyramid-like structure located about 20 km from the Roman ruins of Tipaza, a seperate component of the UNESCO world heritage site, Algeria One of the splendid mosaics now kept in the site museum at the Roman ruins of Tipaza UNESCO world heritage site, Algeria Located on the Mediterranean coast, Tipaza UNESCO world heritage site (Algeria) includes the ruins of the Roman port as well as a nearby necropolis and other archaeological remains Ruins of the great Christian Basilica at the Roman port town of Tipaza (UNESCO world heritage site, Algeria)



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